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LC Engineers & Consultants BV (in short LC) provides professional consulting-, engineering services and software solutions, delivered by talented and highly motivated professionals with extensive and integral industry know-how of a variety of techniques related to the Terminal Automation domain. Our in-depth expertise related to Liquids and Chemical Storage and Distribution is well known within the global market of terminal owners and operators. On request a reference list can be provided.

LC in LNG Solutions

Together and in close co-operation with Engie’s Global R&D Crigene Technology R&D Center LC has developed a Stratification detection and Roll-over prediction and alarm software called “LNG Expert®”. This is the only truly validated advanced control module based on more than 50 years of experience with LNG behavior in real processes. 


In 2005 LC delivered her first LNG Rollover prediction and alarm system in South-Korea. Also in 2006 our “LNG Expert” system was installed at China’s first LNG import terminal. The global demand of LNG is growing rapidly and LC has build their customer base and gained references ever since, resulting in an impressive list of over 40 installations worldwide guarding over 10 million m3 of LNG storage capacity.


Business- and production processes are increasingly merging. Flexibility, efficiency, effectiveness and business intelligence are common concepts in the current technical era. Better monitoring, faster decision-making processes, failure prediction and safety are terms we cannot ignore especially in LNG Tank Storage. Based on the demands from the LNG market over the years, we have developed the successor of “LNG Expert” called “LNG Tank Management System” software (in short “LNG TMS”). LNG TMS is a Tank Storage and Management solution focused on providing vital tank data 

through a web based graphical user interface. LNG TMS has been designed to interfacewith all necessary instruments used on LNG storage tanks. The stratification detection and Roll-over prediction functions of LNG Expert are now optionally integrated within LNG TMS.


Besides software solutions, LC is providing a full range of engineering services (e.g. installation, commissioning and start-up support) on-site or on remote basis via our 24/7 helpdesk, available through Service Level Agreements. Also in close corporation with Engie’s Crigen centre, all kinds of training and studies on LNG behavior can be provided.


Key Benefits

  • Providing vital LNG tank data through a web based graphical user interface which makes it platform independent.

  • Can be configured to match any LNG tank terminal configuration, with it’s modular set-up our solution is scalable through the different project phases of the LNG Terminal.

  • TMS has been designed to interface with all necessary instruments used on LNG storage tanks and supports all known tank gauges and LTD’s, interfacing with any brand of process control system (DCS or PLC/SCADA), leaving the customer the freedom of choice for all related brands of instruments or hardware.

  • With the LNG TMS Pro version (i.e. including the LNG Expert Stratification detection and Rollover prediction and alarm functions) realtime composition,- and rollover prediction calculations based on live field-data are performed without any input from the operators. 

LNG TMS Solutions

LNG TMS is a total LNG Tank Storage and Management solution focused on providing vital LNG tank data through a web based graphical user interface. LNG TMS has been designed to interface with several instruments used on LNG storage tanks. Optional available with a stratification detection module (TMS+) and a roll-over prediction and alarm module (TMS Pro) f.k.a. LNG Expert. 

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  • User friendly interface that is cloud based

  • Integration possibilities to existing Process Control Systems

  • Option for Full Redundancy




  • All benefits from TMS

  • LNG Stratification Detection




  • All benefits from TMS +

  • LNG Composition Calculation

  • LNG Roll-Over Prediction & Alarm

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LC can provide all kinds of training about LNG behavior in close cooperation with the Engie Crigen global R&D center.


LNG thermodynamics and LNG behaviour in tanks including:


  • LNG ageing


  • LNG ageing during loading/unloading and consequences on BOG generation and stratification.


  • Rollover risk: steady and unsteady configuration


  • Preventive measures against rollover phenomena: LNG circulation, tanks emptying and their consequences on BOG generation.


  • Case study with customer terminal data and simulation with TMS.


  • LNG energy calculation standards


Duration: 2 to 5 days

Price: On request and availability