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LNG TMS is a LNG Tank Storage and Management solution focused on providing vital LNG tank data through a user friendly web based user interface. 


LNG TMS features various interface options to communicate with a variety of tank gauging instruments/systems to meet any plant design. All required data such as interface options, gauge setups and types can be configured easily through the web interface. LNG TMS presents a wide range of live data values and calculates intentory parameters with high accuracy, which will be presented in raw data or a graphical view depending on the business requirements. A highly intelligent alarm management system, which can be customized to meet all site expectations, ensures a high standard in safety and alarm presentation. All historical data is immediately available through a smart integrated archive system. LNG TMS can be installed with full redundancy to increase the reliability.

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Key benefits & functions

  • Providing vital LNG tank data through a web based graphical user interface.

  • Providing real-time spot and average tank gauging data; density, level, temperature, skin temperature shell. 

  • Providing real-time, highly accurate calculated, tank inventory data based on a configurable tank strapping table like the total observed volume.

  • Providing a ‘time to empty’ indication based on a calculated flow rate.

  • Providing intuitive tools to perform or schedule all required gauge commands.

  • The high flexibility and scalable architecture of TMS allows it to be tailored to several different configurations easily and meets any business requirement.

  • Flexible configuration of any interface with any single or redundant tank gauging system/device.

  • Flexible configuration of alarm and process data to a host system like a DCS or PLC/SCADA

  • Progressive in safety due to an easily customizable integrated alarm- and archiving management system to meet any alarm- or site requirements.

  • Multiple options for data presentation to make all information comprehensible for everyone in the business organization. 

  • A variety of data export options can make the required and relevant information publicly available and clearly and easily comprehensible.

  • The archive function enables to backup data for optimal data integrity.

  • Optional full redundant setup with automatic fail-over for maximum reliability.

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By providing detailed information on each layer in the tank LNG TMS+ enables operations to act in an early stage of a stratified tank to avoid a possible rollover and ensure the terminal safety. In addition to LNG TMS a stratification detection module based on the Density, Level and Temperature measurement is included in LNG TMS version “+”.

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Key benefits & functions

(In addition to LNG TMS)

  • Automatic stratifiation detection by continuous monitoring of the density, level and temperature in the tank to enable operations toadjust in time to avoid a roll-over to ensure all safety regulations.

  • Providing real-time, highly accurate calculated, product layer details including the hight, density, temperature and Gross Caloric Value.  

  • Stratification detectioncan be based on any density, level and temperature gauge/system on the tank (LTD, Servo gauge, etc.)

  • Configurable alarm handling for stratification detection.

  • The profiles of the stratified tanks are stored in and archived by the system.

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Maximum safety can be assured by the only truly validated roll-over prediction module, developed in close co-operation with Engie’s Global R&D Crigene Technology R&D Center, based on more than 50 years of experience with LNG behavior in real processes. By continuously monitoringa and providing detailed information on the actual tank composition and an accurate prediction on a possible rollover LNG TMS pro enables operations to change the conditions by homogenizing or product transfer to avoid a potential roll-over in the next 30 days. LNG TMS Pro contain all features of its successful predecessor “LNG Expert”.

04 - Tank - Rollover.png

Key benefits & functions

(In addition to LNG TMS+)

  • Composition calculations to inform about current in-tank chemical compositions the product.

  • Automatic update on the roll-over prediction after each new LTD profile.

  • Configurable alarm handling for predicted roll-overs.

  • For a redundant setup of LNG TMS Pro we provide eigther a cold or a hot standby of the composition and roll-over prediction module.

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